We're all victims of unwanted email mailing lists. Oliv is on a mission to eliminate mass emails

Automatic Cancellation Reminders

As you're signing up for a new trial or subscription. Oliv automatically prompts you to set a cancellation reminder with just one click right in the browser. No more sticky notes or phone reminders or email alerts lost in the inbox. You get the reminders directly in your browser

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Auto Pilot Reminders

You don't have to think about setting up a reminder. Oliv is always on auto-pilot and will prompt you to set a cancellation reminder

Snooze It!

Maybe you're in a meeting and can't cancel the subscription right away, simply snooze it! Most of us love snoozing alarms anyway

Change it!

Click on the chrome extension and change the date/time for alert if you have to

Beyond Subscriptions

Turn your browser into a reminder app for any website. Maybe you want to set an alarm to log your expense report or cancel your credit card

In-Stock Product Reminders

Looking for popular item but it's always out of stock?

Set product alerts with just 1-click without giving your email. We will track the stock on your behalf and you will get a
pop-up in your browser as soon it's back in stock

Did we mention that you can also set alerts for collectible drops or concert tickets?

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No Email Spams

Get product in-stock reminders without giving away your email.

Real-Time Update

As soon as the stock updates, you'll get an alert right away!

Collectibles Drop

Get an instant alert right in your browser when your highly anticipated collectible is finally dropped!

Concert Tickets

Don't miss out on perfect seats for Taylor Swift concert because you didn't check your emails. Instantly get an alert for tickets drop

Don't just build an email list, build a Fan base!

Disrupt the status quo and give communication control to your customers. Using Oliv, customers can set alerts for new products, discount alerts and everything you communicate via email marketing.

You earn their trust and you don't get lost in their emails.

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Higher Conversions

When users intentionally set alerts for new products, the sales go Brrrrr

Customer Insights

Unlike email campaigns,
you'll know what people want.
Use it to manage your supply chain

Super Fans

Segment your regular fans from your super fans!
Now, your Super Fans won't accidentally leave you at Seen

Foster Trust

Breaking the status quo! Foster trust by giving customers the control of communication